National Versus Local Telephone Directory

November 5, 2012

A telephone directory is a collection of names and locations that are present in a particular area. For large countries like the United States of America and Australia, the directories are usually made per area. This means that the local directory in Melbourne has different content from the one in Sydney. However, one thing that you can count on is that these listings are available to everyone in the world with the help of the Internet. Nowadays, the Web has brought about an increase of sites that provide information about people and places.

Online telephone directories can also be categorized into two sections per country: national and local. What is the difference between a national and a local telephone directory? First of all, you will immediately see a difference based on the URL of the two. The former is usually made by government sectors. Thus, it is specially equipped with short, official names that include the country code, including in Australia. Local listings are commonly just part of a general site. There are few webpages that are made for the benefit of the residents in a small town.

If there is a main difference between the two, it would be the availability. The national directory is available everywhere, mainly because the government funds the maintenance of the country’s official website, while the local catalogs are harder to find and are private-owned. Local listings online are not updated as regularly as national ones. Take note that the information of the national catalogs is based on annual statistics reports, while for local ones, changes are made once they are reported.

An online telephone directory can be searched for on the Internet with the help of search engines. However, you will find that more popular last names and companies are easier to find on the Web than unfamiliar people and places that can be found in remote parts of the country. This is where the local listings prove to be very useful. It is certainly a great idea to upload a telephone directory for each town and district. This way, the residents can also have access to important information using their computers and mobile phones.

Benefits of Telephone Directories

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